All three tours are ideally suited for team participation – it’s much more fun with your friends and it’s easier to keep going – especially when there’s a headwind!

IMG_1801On the My Tours page, you can put together teams with freely selectable team (fun) names, either ‘closed’ with fixed teams or also ‘open’ to recruit like-minded cycling enthusiasts that you haven’t met yet. You can also specify the average team speed which makes it easier to find the right team. Teams can have no more than 15 members, to prevent the formation of a convoy.

In addition to the team (fun) name, it also possible to set a fun name for each participant: this replaces the usual identification number that is otherwise standard in sporting events. Team names and fun names are freely selectable (as long as they have not already been selected by another team or participants) and are used, for example, in the R2NSC app or displayed on the !LIVE web page.

Your full name (i.e. real name) may therefore only be published in a participant/finisher list after the tour.