All three RuhrChallenges feature so-called service points (SPs) at an average interval of around 45 km. An SP offers you various services, such as catering, toilets, hand baggage, etc. From km 150, a first aid station will be available, and from the second until the penultimate SP there will also be an e-bike charging station. The opening hours of the SPs are based on an average minimum speed of 17 km/h and a maximum speed of 40 km/h (plus 2 hrs break). The following table shows the SPs together with the opening hours for the Ruhr2NorthSeaChallenge 2018.

KM Location Opening times
0 Duisburg 3.30 am–4.45 am
50 Raesfeld 5.45 am–7.45 am
100 Epe 7 am–11 am
150 Georgsdorf 8.30 am–2.30 pm
200 Neudersum 10.30 am–6 pm
240 Leer 12 noon–8.30 pm
270 Aurich 1 pm–10.30 pm
300 Bensersiel 2 pm–0.15 am

At the start SP, i.e. the MSV Arena, there is ample car parking available for each of the tours.